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Praise from Coaches and Boosters.

  • "We fund a major chunk of our spring trip every year this way."

    Coach Gianetti | Dominican College Baseball

  • "Awesome and quick! Doesn't get any easier"

    Savannah Bix | Poston Butte, HS Basketball

  • "One week after we added contacts, we had over $10,000 in contributions."

    Coach Lugbar | Mahopac HS Baseball

  • "We raised $35,000 in 30 days. Our locker room project is almost funded!"

    Coach Daniels | Ravenwood HS Football

  • "Bus upgrades, team dinners and cancelled additional fundraisers!"

    Coach Shurr | John Jay HS Lacrosse

  • "We raised over $11,000 for our hockey team. I invested about an hour."

    Coach Marifione | CRLS Hockey

  • "Over $16,000 for our basketball team is a game-changer. Painless and smart system works."

    Coach Lavorato | Maine South HS Basketball

  • "Our football team generated $15,000, a tremendous boost for our program."

    Coach Valdez | St. James HS Football

  • "Provided a huge and much needed boost to our budget!"

    Coach Lorenz | Maine South HS Baseball

  • "This was the best fundraiser I have ever done!"

    Dan DiFalco | Ardsley HS Football

  • "We get thousands extra every year like clockwork."

    Scott Bishop | El Cerrito HS Volleyball

  • "We tripled our results from last season!"

    Coach Clark | Ashland University Track & Field

  • "Incredibly painless fundraiser! Well organized and professional."

    Patrick Mealy | Ketcham HS Basketball

  • "Awesome! We raised thousands for all the extra gear and supplies we needed."

    Danielle Collins | University of New England Field Hockey

  • "This was great for us. Will be using again this season! "

    Jeff Glass | Berkmar HS Tennis

  • "Awesome fundraiser."

    Dan Letellier | University of New England Nor'easters Softball

  • "Went really well!!!"

    Marc Taney | Newbury College Women's Basketball

  • "Even better than expected!"

    Seth Matlock | Ottawa University Lacrosse

  • "The parents LOVED not having to have people buy anything or having to go door to door."

    Ashley Schmidt | Thompson's Station HS Cheer

  • "We just bought a brand new shooting machine. Thanks NCSA!"

    Jason Doan | Florida Christian HS Basketball

  • "Our team loved how easy it was and watching the contributions roll in."

    Team Booster | Shawnee Mission East HS Basketball

  • "Amazing fundraising experience."

    Kenny Conlon | Bergen Tech Class of '19

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Our smart content engine will instantly create a totally customized fundraising campaign that is ready to launch. You just notify team members they can sign in and add contacts. We help you do that, too.

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